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mid 30s & 12:01s

i love going to see a late night show, no matter what time i have to work in the morning. i’m sad to say that i was not able to make it to The Avengers 12:01 showing last night and even more disappointed that we had to refund our tickets to our local theaters Marvel Marathon, playing all the important Marvel superhero movies from noon until midnight and then topping it off with the premiere of The Avengers would have been sublime, but alas, my wife and i are in a position where we are trying hard to pay off our remaining debt and the prospect of each giving up a full days pay was just to damaging to let go.

so instead we’re seeing it SUNDAY. my god, seriously?! ugh! yes other circumstances have cropped up so that seeing it after work friday or at all on saturday are pretty much not gonna happen. of course i’m disappointed that we had to miss out on all of the fun but it did get me thinking about some of the great late night movie nights that my wife and i have had. it’s a tradition that has spanned our entire marriage. sometimes we’ve even ventured out to a 12:01 showing of a movie that we otherwise might not have even seen in the theater. the excitement of venturing out when we should be sleeping and damning the thought of a mere three hours rest before work gives us even more energy to curl up in our favorite seats, prop our feet up on the railing and escape into an adventure as the rest of the world drifts off to sleep.

at first it was a last minute decision to run out and see The Lord of the Rings at midnight. then came the new Star Wars films. over the years there have been big action blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean or Batman. other times it’s been a romantic comedy or a limited release film, maybe opening at 12:01 simply because some other big time film was opening that night and the theater thought “why not?!”

sometimes the theaters were sold out, sometimes there were only a handful of people, scattered in the rows around us. either way we knew these people, for those two hours, they were just like us and although we usually never spoke and probably had different opinions of what we had witnessed, for that time we were gathered as members of a cherished fraternity.

i can’t do everything that i used to do when i was 21. in fact, in my 30′s now i’ve learned that i shouldn’t have done most of what i did in my 20′s! but the one thing that has never waivered for me is my love of story. i can take it in any form, movies, tv shows, plays, music, books. i just love to be entertained. maybe in some little way, venturing out in the middle of the night to watch a movie and then get practically no sleep before pouring in a full day at work is my own way of having an adventure. maybe. any way i look at it though, i realize that there are countless stories to be told, shared, embraced and echoed but only one of them is mine and i hope it’s worth watching.


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